Hello! My name is Drew Starkey. I’ve been eating paleo for a little over a year now. I started on the recommendation of a doctor. Over a year ago I had extreme pain in my stomach and esophagus, the acid reflux was way out of control. I had a hard time sleeping and I would frequently throw without warning. After an endoscopy, I was found to have a Hiatal Hernia. Basically, my stomach is tearing through my diaphragm and into my esophagus which can lead to a variety of problems down the road. Since I started eating Paleo, my stomach has been much better. While it is restrictive, I like to approach it’s limitations to inspire creativity. I loved exploring and eating foods from all over the world, so this blog is to chronicle my continued world cuisine exploration. I like to use different cuisines as inspiration and a starting point to try and create new dishes for myself. I realize that these are not “authentic” or traditional, but I like them and want to explore the paleo diet beyond just meat and vegetables. I’m also not the paleo police, as I realize from a lot of sites and forums, paleo can mean and be a vastly different thing from one person to the next. I always try and offer options and different ideas on recipes. I hope that this site can flourish and inspire others to try and experiment with some dishes and ideas that are new to them and exchange great recipes. Feel free to contact me below!

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