In my “pre-paleo” days, I loved Poutine. I came across it when I was traveling around Montreal and was surprised that I had never heard of it before visiting a few years ago. Poutine is French for ‘mess‘, and that is a pretty accurate one word description of this dish. At it’s most basic: it’s a plate of fries, topped with cheese curds, and then gravy is poured all over. Lots of places like to get creative or gourmet by adding there own special twists to the plate, such as bacon, sausage, truffle, etc… I opted to first try and see how a simple version would turn out.

I didn’t use real cheese curds, I also live in Florida so it isn’t even findable. Instead I found an interesting non-dairy “cheese” recipe that seemed like it have some of the flavor and could be shaped to look like curds. Here’s the link to the recipe. I will not that I used cashew instead of almond milk, and next time I think I’d try it in a blender to really liquify the mixture before letting it set. Mine was a bit gritty, but tasted good. Also, I’m sure you can imagine, there is no curd ‘squad’ with these so the texture is not truly 100%. But I found it to be a good substitute.

I used Yucca fries as I had already made some, and frankly I get tired of sweet potato fries. Then it’s just a matter of making a fresh gravy and combining the ingredients.




Plating the Yuca Fries.


Topping with the “Cheese Curds”


Add the Gravy and you’ve got Paleo Poutine!